My ‘Blue Apron’ Review


A lot of you have been asking what I think of Blue Apron, so I’m going to do a review today.  Steve and I have had two Blue Apron deliveries so far, which is a total of 6 meals.  We are on our third week now and have not had any of these meals yet (one is on tap for dinner this evening).  I want to start by saying that this post is not sponsored by Blue Apron and all of my comments are solely based on my own experience and thoughts/feelings.  Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to it…

Overall, I am a HUGE fan.  So let’s start with the Pros:

  • They deliver everything you need RIGHT to your door.  Doesn’t get much more convenient than this, folks.  Better yet, it is in a cooler case so you don’t have to worry about anything spoiling or going bad…you just have to worry about your neighbors wanting to steal all the deliciousness that it contains.
  • The food is SO fresh.  Everything inside the box is of great quality.  The produce always looks so vibrant and never comes looking like it’s about to go bad or like it’s been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for days.  The meat is all premium, fresh and delicious.  Also, I just want to take a second to talk about the salmon, because oh. my. gosh.  It is wild Alaskan salmon and the color is absolutely beautiful!  Long story short…they got the quality part down!
  • The recipes are easy to follow.  They don’t make anything super complicated and since everything comes labeled there’s no guessing game when it comes to what the directions are referring to.  They also provide step by step photos for all of you visual learners  😉  Another pro here, if you really like a meal – you now have a nice print out card with all the ingredients you need to re-make it in the future.
  • The flavors they put together are delicious and unique.  That’s been one of the most fun parts for Steve and I….seeing what kind of spices and flavors they will put together.  It’s cool because it broadens your palette and also makes you more aware of and comfortable with certain ingredient combinations that will help with putting together other meals and “sprucing up” our regular standard weeknight meals.
  • You can turn your delivery “on” or “off” weekly.  This is such a nice and convenient feature.  I know a lot of services require you to lock in for a certain amount of time.  Blue Apron allows you to go into your account and select which weeks you want a delivery and which you don’t.  You are only charged for the weeks you receive the food.  Going along with this, you can also choose your delivery day (of the week).  This is great because we all know weeknights can be crazy, so you can pick whichever day works best for you and when you know you will be home to bring the box inside.
  • Their customer service is spot on.  Our second delivery arrived and the greek yogurt container lid had cracked which then pierced through the tin foil.  I wrote them an email letting them know what had happened and inquiring if they send out replacement items.  The lady responded in within a few hours of my email and apologized for the inconvenience, let me know she would be passing the occurrence on to the fulfillment department, and explained that while they do not send out replacement items since they only stock just enough of the ingredients per week (because their menu’s change weekly), she will be applying a $10 credit to my account for our next shipment.  I was extremely happy with this considering $10 is way more than a tub of greek yogurt costs AND considering that the instance could have been due to the delivery man/woman and not the fulfillment department at all.  If only all companies treated their customers like that!  🙂

now onto the Cons:

  • It can be overwhelming if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen.  While they make everything SUPER easy to follow and understand, there are sometimes more steps than an amateur cook would feel comfortable handling.  This doesn’t affect us too much, as both of us enjoy cooking, but I could see how some people may be turned off because of this.
  • It is slightly expensive.  The cost is $59.94 per week for the 2-person plan which includes 3 meals.  If you calculate that out, it works out to about $10 per SERVING – $20 per meal.  It’s not too terrible, definitely cheaper than what you’d pay if you went out to eat and get’s you quality ingredients, but $60 on top of a grocery bill every week can add up, especially since there is never enough for leftovers (unless you order make the pasta dishes which seem to make a little more).
  • They only allow you to customize certain meals together.  I was going to put this under ‘Pro’s’ too, it’s a little bit of both.  Each week you get 3 meals, but there are a total of 6 you can choose from.  However, they only allow certain meal combinations (not sure why this is).  Sometimes it stinks because you get stuck with a vegetarian dish or have to do without one meal that sounds the best to you in order to get the other two you want.  I can only assume this has to do with cost.  In order to keep it at $60 they only allow certain meals that will add up to that??  But I think this is something they need to work on.

As you can see, I have way more ‘Pros’ than ‘Cons’.  We have loved it so far.  All the meals have been delicious and out of six, there has only been one that we said we’d probably never make again…and even that one wasn’t gross or a huge disappointment, just not something we’d go for again.  We’ve decided that we’ll probably use this once a month once baby Rogers’ arrives.  It will be so nice to not have to think about what to make and know that we will have all the ingredients on hand along with directions.  If you’ve been thinking about trying it out, I’d definitely give it a go!

Have you tried Blue Apron?  If so, do your thoughts aline with mine??


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