What Would a Health Coach Do? – Sleep vs. Workout

running-573762_1280I bet I got your attention with that title, now didn’t I?  🙂 Sleep can be a very controversial topic; which I find ironic since it is a basic human need – but needless to say, there are varying opinions on the matter.  Some say they don’t need anymore than 3 hours to work effectively (I’d have to agree to disagree with this crew), some say they can’t operate without 8 and some (seemingly mostly teenagers) believe sleep is best enjoyed as a small coma, which needs to last 14 hours or so.  While the benefits of sleep will be better fitted to a different post, I do want to tackle a question that comes up quite often:

What’s better – to get the extra sleep or to get the workout in?  

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What Would a Health Coach Do? – Sweets


It’s Wednesday, so I thought it’d be fun to start a little series called “What Would a Health Coach Do?”.  Wednesday starts with ‘W’ and what starts with ‘W’…so I went with it.  😉  I’d love to answer a reader question every Wednesday…so please comment below with a question you’d like to see answered!  So to kick it off, I’m going to tackle a doozey of a topic…

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