Berry Explosion Pancakes (Gluten & Dairy Free)


Happy Wednesday!  You may have seen this delicious breakfast I posted on Monday.    I don’t know about you, but with the weather getting cooler (too soon, too soon) my typical breakfast smoothie doesn’t always sound quite as appealing in the mornings.  I’m definitely starting to crave some warmer and ‘comfort-ish’ type breakfasts and meals.  That’s something that is so fun about having an intuitive relationship with food – as the seasons change, so do my cravings and meals.  Once you are attuned to your body’s cravings and cues it becomes much more exciting to get into the kitchen with fresh seasonal produce and come up with satisfying meals.  That is exactly how I originally came to make this pancake recipe!

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Gluten Free Protein Granola Bars

IMG_6242 copy

Hi Guys!  If you’re anything like me, sometimes Monday’s can be a little bit of a rude awakening!  You know what makes them better though?  Having something awesome to look forward to at the end of the work day.  So lucky for you, I’m providing you with something to look forward to today – a delicious treat you can bake yourself tonight and continue enjoying for the rest of the week.  And guess what??  It’s good for you too!  😉

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