I Want To Hear From YOU!


Hey Guys!  Happy Wednesday!  So this post is going to be short, sweet and to the point.  As I am approaching the 3 month countdown to Baby Rogers, I am beginning to work on content for my blog so that I can have the regular weekly posts go out while I’m adjusting to motherhood 🙂  With that being said, I’m curious which type of posts interest you all the most?   Read More

Real Talk On Self-Talk


A little food for thought/tough love for you today.  Have you ever stopped to notice how you talk to yourself inside your head?  Now before you stop reading and count me off as crazy, just hear me out.  SO many of us (especially those of us who have ever or do struggle with food, diet, weight, body image, etc) have a constant negative, degrading and malicious conversation about ourselves happening in our minds throughout the day.  You know the voice; “UGH you look so fat, you can’t wear that.”, “Gosh, you’re such a failure, it’s no wonder no one wants to date you.”, “You overate again, I can’t believe it…you’ll never lose weight.”, “You still can’t find a better job?  You should probably just give up, you’re not good enough to get that job.”  That voice…that annoying voice that is always bringing you down. Read More

Winter Blues Survival Guide

depressedCold temperatures, short days, a higher than necessary cloudy to sunny day ratio, being cooped up indoors….it’s no surprise that so many people suffer from the winter time blues.  One important thing to keep in mind on days you’re feeling down – what you’re feeling is totally normal.  When you allow yourself to think “something is wrong with you” or start hounding yourself as to why you just can’t “snap out of it”, you’re creating a Read More

Snacks I Love!


Snacks….I mean who doesn’t love snacks??  Snacks are great.  Now, truth being told, I may be a little bit more into them now that I’m preggo, but I’ve always loved snacks for two reasons.  1.  It gives me another excuse to eat delicious food and 2. It keeps me from being ravenous when meal times come = less over stuffing myself at meals.  Now when I say snack, I’m sure a lot of thoughts go straight to those vending machines, chips, candy bars, crackers….but nope!  That is not the type of snacks I’m going to be sharing with you today! Read More

At Home Body Weight Workout


I don’t know where you live, but here in Chicago it has been straight up COLD the last few days.  And I don’t know about you, but shockingly frigid weather makes getting up and getting to the gym a lot tougher than it already is.  Knowing it’s -11 with the wind chill ON TOP OF the fact that the sun isn’t up and knowing there’s snow on the ground is rough.  So some days, I resort to working out in my basement to eliminate one trip out into the winter tundra. Read More

Preggo Diaries Of A First Time Mom – 20 weeks


Pregnancy…such a weird and amazing thing all at the same time.  The amount of changes that hit your body all at once are astounding.  You are literally growing a living thing inside of you.  No matter how much I want kids or how much I love this little baby already, pregnancy will never NOT be weird to think about.  It’s creepy.  Creepy and awesome and a miracle and life changing and then creepy again.  When I feel the little peapod move around I can’t help but think of the movie Alien.  Hey!  I’m just speaking truth here.  🙂   Read More

Happy New Year!


Hi Guys!  Just wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year to you all!  Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m not huge on New Years Resolutions…but I do like to take the time to look back at the year and reflect on the things I’m grateful for.  As I took the time to do that, I realized there are so many incredible things that happened this past year and starting this blog is just one of the many!   Read More

Why Dieting SHOULDN’T Be Your NY Resolution


Ahh yes, the infamous New Years Resolution to lose weight, become healthier and fit into those skinny jeans once and for all!  It just seems so funny to me that we go from the joy and happiness of the Holiday’s right into a frenzy of intense fitness, restrictive diets and all or nothing mentality which ultimately ends up in a downward spiral to feeling like a failure, grosser than ever in our own bodies and let down by our “lack of willpower”.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an awful way to start a new year!!   Read More

4 Healthy Travel Tips


Traveling, while mostly supposed to be fun, still seems to bring out a lot of anxiety in people.  Especially in people who have a tendency to stress about food or have a history of yo-yo dieting and restricting/binging.  So with the Holiday season upon us, which means a heavy travel season as well, I’d like to share some thoughts and tips on the whole “staying on track” (AKA not coming home hating yourself for the way you ate) while traveling thing.  First and foremost, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is something I’m sure EVERYONE struggles with on some level.  And if they don’t, they are weird and I’m not worried about them 🙂   Read More

6 Tips For Thanksgiving Eating


I can’t believe it’s already here!  Turkey Day!!  It feels like just yesterday that I wrote this post about Holiday Eating and in a blink of an eye, our first Holiday has arrived.  As mentioned in that post, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of family, friends, thankfulness (shocking, I know) AND delicious food.  But for so many of us that have ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, bingeing or both, it can definitely turn into a stressful anxiety provoking day filled with overeating, guilt, panic and shame.  Not this year!

Read More